Anti-Collision Device


The anti-collision system is a safety device to avoid collision of two electric overhead travelling cranes on the same bay.The system works on the principle of retro-reflrctive infrared waves.


The system comprises of an emitter cum receiver module and a reflector.The emitter continuously emits infrared waves in the direction of the reflector.The waves are reflected back to the receiver end of the system which activates an alarm signal and stops/reduce the speed of the crane.If two cranes are away from each other the reflected waves will not reach the sensor and the cranes operate normally.


The advanced digital anti-collision system incorporates a Micro-Controller Based Circuit for taking digital inputs for easy range setting and gives an accurate cut-off range to the device.Two sets of anti-collision systems are required for collision avoidance between the two cranes.


Technical Data

Supply Voltage 110VAC/220VAC
Operating Temperature Upto 70 C
Sensitivity Adjustment 15% to 100%
Sensing Distance (adjustable) 3 – 100 meters
Micro Controller Based System