Safeline-W Insulated conductor bars are used for power transmission. Current Capacity ranges from 60 Amps. to 400 Amps rated at 100% duty cycle & nominal voltage upto 660 V.



Insulated conductor are touch proof, no exposed live parts to contact.
Quick and easy installation with single bolt, 4 pole hanger.
60 to 400 Amps. Conductor in same standard.
60,100 & 125 Amps. Galvanised Steel.
200,315 & 400Amps. Aluminium / Stainless Steel.
160,250 & 400 Amps rolled Copper.  4.5 meters bar length.
Cover designed to shed water and dust.


Technical Data Safeline-W Bolted Joint Conductor System

In general, the resistance value of a braking resistor is not critical, If may range between the lowest value of the admissible value for the braking chopper and a maximum value where the required braking performance is still achieved. Assuming a standard reserved of 25% which takes into account the manufacturing tolerance and the resistance change due to heating up as well as the lower mean value of the link voltage as compared with the chopper activating voltage, the maximum value for the braking resistor is calculated as: